Gearboxes and motors

Lip Srl in Corsico, Milan, manufactures gears and motors for all industries in Italy and abroad (mainly Europe).

In addition to a wide portfolio of standard products, the company manufactures gears on design or sample in small, medium or large series - depending on the type - managing to combine high quality standards with fast delivery times.

LIP Srl was founded after the war under the name of "La. Pre. Me.", standing for "Precision Mechanics", and was located in Via Figino in Milan.

Initially the company manufactured small parts and high precision micro-gears.

Later, in the 1960s, it began moulding thermoplastics, still in the field of precision gears, a timely development as that was when the plastic materials market experienced a significant boost and specialising in industrial sectors that were booming such as gears for discs for telephone diallers or windscreen wipers.

The beginning of the 1970s marked another topical date in the steady expansion of the Company because, as a result of the company's increasing development, the Management decided to build a new office, the current one, in Via C. Colombo, 11 in Corsico that, following various expansions over time, has reached the current size of 7000 square metres of industrial buildings and 400 square metres of offices.

The company now employs about 45 people directly and uses a significant number of people in subsidiary activities. At the same time, the Company changed its name to LIP "Lavorazione ingranaggi di precisione [Machining precision gears] - Srl".

Over the years, the Company continued to expand in the field of moulding plastic and diversified the industries in which its products are used, at the same time it increasingly specialised in the manufacture of plastic and metal precision gears and gearing for professional uses, the latter greatly appreciated by customer industries.

Continuing its expansion and diversification effort, the company started manufacturing gearboxes and fractional motors in the 1990s; this activity has seen continuous development and has become one of the company's strengths.

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