Gear manufacturing

LIP SRL in Corsico, Milan, designs and manufactures fractional motors and gearboxes for Italian and foreign companies.

Manufacture of parallel shaft motors and gearboxes with output shaft offset from the axis of the motor, equipped with AC motor 110/220 V ~ and 50/60 Hz, and DC-12-24 V DC, designed to withstand high torque at start up, limited to ~ 25 Nm with ~ 2 RPM output and to ~ 5 Nm with ~ 50 RPM output

Manufacture of planetary motors and gearboxes, available in stock, for DC-12-24 V DC, power up to 17 W, with low-speed coaxial shaft output with the motor shaft, also suitable for insertion in cylindrical seats. 

(Technical specifications can be seen here: 1 2 3 4 )

Manufacture of components for low power planetary gearboxes.

Production of worm gearboxes with reduction ratios between 1:15 and 1:60 and torques up to 3.8 Nm.

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